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In addition to our weekly meetings, we organise social events, a Christmas Lunch and an End-of-Season Lunch.
As a group we can visit venues that may not be available to individuals. These have proved to be very popular with Forum members and their guests.

Forum Social Visits


Following visits to the National Coal Mining Museum and Jodrell Bank in 2018, members have visited the Rolls Royce Aero Engine Museum in Derby and the Allerton Waste Management Facility this year.


The visit to Rolls Royce took us on a tour of over 200 engines ranging from the Eagle, through the Merlin and on to the Trent, with a few marine engines thrown in, together with much memorabilia. Our guides were ex employees of RR and they gave us a potted history of the Company and expert explanations of the development of engines through the ages as we toured the site. Of course the Merlin and the part it played in WWII stole the show but the technical development of the Trent ran it a close second.

Lunch at a nearby pub on the way home was good too.


At Allerton Waste Management Centre. which handles all the ‘black bag’ waste from North Yorkshire and York City, we were received by our guide, Kimberly. Many members present have asked me to mention Kimberly because she was an outstanding guide who paced the tour just right and answered our many questions.

We were first shown a series of short videos and diagrams which took us through how the plant operated. We then had a conducted tour of the plant through separated walkways, keeping us well away from what are operation with many potential dangers.

320,000 tonnes of rubbish per year; anything recyclable is extracted along the 1.5km of conveyor belts running between four-metre diameter revolving separator drums, shredders, crushers, infra red detectors and on to the furnace. The recyclables are collected, crushed and sent to recycling plants; the bio-degradables are mixed with bugs and anaerobically digested, producing methane, which is burned to drive generators and produce electricity. The furnace receives, in a very controlled way, all other non-recyclable matter and, at temperatures of over 850 degrees, heats water to steam drive generators to produce electricity. Power sufficient to supply the needs of 40,000 homes is exported from the plant.

Residue from the digesters and furnace are made in to material for the construction industry. The exhaust fumes from the furnace are filtered several times and any toxicity not removed by high temperature burning is separated out and exported for treatment at toxic waste disposal plants. Fascinating and state-of-the-art technology.


Peter Allen

Social Secretary

Forum Members outside Allerton Waste Management Centre

Social Events

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